Our Services

Design and Budgeting
In developing a platform that can be implemented as needed for your phase-based project needs, we’ve split our base offerings into four categories with support for general budgeting and scope detail:

  1. Low Voltage & Security Infrastructure + Electrical Detail (LVI)
  2. Environmental & Lighting Low Voltage Infrastructure + Electrical Detail (ENVI)
  3. Low Voltage Systems Design + Rough-In Specification (LVC)
  4. Environmental Control & Lighting Design + Rough-In Specification (ENVC)

This platform allows us to simply execute one or more categories with report detail for almost any significant metric that is critical to phase-based project implementation.

We feel strongly that these services can facilitate 95% of residential custom and design-build projects on the front-end of the integrator’s responsibility and all major sticking points for the rest of the trades involved. Let’s remove the unnecessary friction points from your project and deliver the types of outcomes your team deserves.

System Implementation
Intuitive design lays the groundwork for top level installation. From our eye for architectural detail, to reference quality network and power conditioning back bones, we make sure living with an integrated technology system reliably enhances your lifestyle design experience. Our commitment to the fundamentals will prove critical in what is quickly becoming our “new norm.”

From installing basic audiovisual upgrades to fully automated Crestron smart homes, we’d love to partner with you on your system installation and maintenance needs. Feel free to drop us a line for a no obligation consultation. We’d love to meet you.

Need assistance with your home technology experience?

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