Who we are:

We are growth minded consultants with a curiosity about the inspirations that led our clients to their new home project. These inspirations lend themselves to the true nature of the client and their vision for the future, allowing us to recommend technology that both enhances lifestyle and integrates with the architecture of a home.

We believe this to be the most effective form of design intake. To lead, let us tell you a little bit about ourselves:

Sven Neer

Sven lives in the Houston Heights area and after seven years in the automotive industry, mostly audio related, he began his home technology career in 2005. While his first six years were spent managing a hybrid retail integrator, he has since worked for a number of Houston’s top estate level home technology integrators, either creating their design departments from scratch or helping to completely retool their departments as well as their internal operations methods, allowing for all new levels of coordination with builders, architects, and interior designers.
His personal interests include:

  • Systems Design
  • Cars
  • Muay Thai Martial Art
  • Book Reading
  • Video Gaming
  • DJing

Isaac Thornton

Isaac lives in the Spring area northwest of Houston and began his home technology career in 2017. Collegiately trained in photography and graphic design, his entry into the home technology industry started in marketing, and progressed later into operations, procurement, and allocation. Whether its assisting with design or collaborating on systems for operation, Isaac is driven to cultivating relationships that grow to produce solutions for technology integrators, builders, architects, and interior designers.
His personal interests include:

  • Graphic Design
  • Brewing Craft Beer
  • Photography
  • Cars
  • Overlanding

When it comes to a design-build or building a custom home, we find that getting to know who our clients are fast tracks much of the required technical discourse, realizing appropriate budget splits and future planning consideration.

Need assistance with your home technology experience?

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