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We are tenured technology specialists that prioritize our clients’ lifestyle design when it comes to home or light commercial audio / visual systems, data networking, or smart home automation interests.

Our background of providing structure, organization and growth expertise to many of Houston’s larger integrators has shifted to offering this level of operations with minimal overhead pricing.

With over 30 years of combined experience, we’ve come to feel that the following aims need to be realized to offer our clients maximum satisfaction out of their investment:

  • We now live in an app based society that serves as a median for what “ease of use” means. It’s a world of evolving standards and a realization that “Bug Fixes” come with every update. Let’s make sure we prepare accordingly.
  • The ideal blend of aesthetics versus audio / visual fidelity are in the eye of the beholder. Price / performance means different things to different people.
  • Longevity of hardware is a key determinate in investment value. Some goods are in production for 2-3 years, some 10-15. It’s important.
  • Longevity of collective manufacturer’s app support is a key determinate in investment value.  Some apps are in development and receive support for 2-3 years, some 10-15. It’s important.
  • Integration or “cross play” across technologies and apps is a key determinate in investment value. It’s cool when 1 button push sets 2-10 things in motion. It’s not cool when 5-7 apps are the equivalent to 5-7 remote controls on your table and you just wanna watch TV.
  • Last, but not least: Many dollars or outcomes of construction projects are blown out of proportion due to the integrator being called in too late in the process. Make sure your walls and ceilings aren’t sealed up before you realize that you should’ve had more wires, or that they’re in the wrong place. Make sure that you minimize the instances where you have to confess that “we didn’t think of that” in hindsight. If they’re not a technology professional, they’re probably not qualified to speak on behalf of what’s needed now, nor would they be qualified to speak on behalf of what will be need tomorrow. Our initial consultations carry no obligation. A small time investment now will save headaches later.


Relationships drive outcomes.

Our Services

We love what we do and strive to deliver unique solutions to tech-home enthusiasts by leveraging a minimal overhead model with our modular technology design and integration platform. Whether you’re working on a design-built custom home, remodeling, or outfitting an existing space, we’d love the opportunity to consult with you.

Need assistance with your technology experience?

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